Our Team

Lara Jones

Lara Jones has been the lead news Author at Funds Trend . Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows throught in the expert industry coverage she provides. She lives in America but now she connecting to Funds Trend as a freelance writer.

Brady Lee

Brady Lee can be found writing , designing, and developing all sorts of great content. He developed some own websites and currently he continuous his work in Funds Trend.

Gil Lewis

Gil Lewis investigative reporting has been featured on Funds Trend .He is author of stories. Gil Lewis earned BA in English from texas college and he is currently based in USA .

Marvin Wilson

Marvin  Wilson  has written several articles, he obtained a B.A in English from Memorial University.. He lives in Chicago. Now he is works as a Author .

Greta Lewis

Greta  Lewis  is an American editor, born and raised in New Auburn, Wisconsin. Greta  Lewis passion is writing news articles. She writes number of articles and published it.

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