Orb3 Unveils Layer 3 Blockchain Platform for Seamless In-Game Item Trading and Enhanced Gaming Experiences

Portland, Oregon, United States, 14th Dec 2023 – Orb3 is a layer 3 blockchain platform, has empowered traditional gamers with the ability to trade in-game items seamlessly across their favorite games, eliminating the complexities associated with crypto wallets. Orb3’s open and decentralized nature allows anyone to become an integral part of the network by operating a node. This not only enhances the platform’s resilience but also rewards participants with network incentives and a role in shaping the platform’s future through governance participation.

Managed by the Orb3 Foundation, the Orb3 Blockchain is a specialized solution designed to meet the expansive demands of web3 gaming. Tailored for the gaming sector, it provides traditional gamers with a simplified and intuitive wallet and account experience, enhancing the gaming experience and providing developers with increased capabilities.

At the core of Orb3’s vision is the Orb3 Foundation, dedicated to nurturing the development and proliferation of games within the Orb3 blockchain ecosystem. Actively engaging third-party developers and games enriches the Orb3 ecosystem with diverse and innovative gaming experiences.

The Foundation’s strategy includes implementing effective marketing tactics for games launched on the Orb3 platform, supporting the ambitions of web3 game developers through various financing opportunities, and serving as the guardian of the Orb3 blockchain and its associated tokens.

The Orb3 token serves a dual purpose on the Orb3 blockchain. Firstly, as the designated gas token, it facilitates seamless transactions within the network. Secondly, Orb3 tokens are rewarded to validator nodes for their role in validating transactions and contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Beyond its role as a transaction facilitator, the Orb3 token acts as the primary token within the gaming ecosystem, accepted as payment for games and in-game items. This integration enhances the gaming experience, providing seamless transactions and fostering a vibrant in-game economy.

For more information about Orb3, please visit their website.

Telegram: https://t.me/orb3portal

Website: https://orb3.tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Orb3Tech


Media Contact

Organization: Orb3

Contact Person: Randy Jones

Website: https://orb3.tech

Email: team@orb3.tech

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Country: United States

Release Id: 1412238297

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