XAILES FINANCE Announces Pre-Launch Yacht Extravaganza in Dubai and Main Launch Event in New York

Xailes Finance, a pioneering digital finance company, is hosting a pre-launch yacht party in Dubai on December 5th, ahead of its main launch event in New York City’s Times Square in early January. This Dubai event, set against the Marina’s backdrop, aims to bring together the world’s elite, including leaders and founding members of the Xailes community, for an evening of networking, elegance, and discussion about the future of digital finance.The company is introducing the Xailes ecosystem, which includes various innovative platforms like Xailes (XWI Token), Xvitesse, Xnavigateur, Xéchanger, Xocean, Xfutur, Xferme, Xruisseau, Xtendance, Xcréatif, Xprédiction, and Xconférer. These platforms offer a range of services from a multi-utility token, decentralized technologies, a next-gen web browser, to platforms for NFTs, AI, staking, entertainment, social media, and creative spaces. The ecosystem is characterized by its robust tokenomics, featuring 99,00,00,000 XWI tokens, deflationary options, and strategic minting cycles.For more information, visit their website at https://xailes.finance or contact them via email at info@xailes.finance or phone at +1 (972) 338-9590.

New York, United States, 13th Nov 2023 – Xailes Finance, a trailblazing force in the world of digital finance, is thrilled to announce a pre-launch celebration like no other. Set against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s marina, a luxurious yacht party will be hosted on December 5th, bringing together the world’s elite, including priority leaders and founding members of the Xailes community. This exclusive event serves as a prelude to the much-anticipated launch of Xailes Finance, a multi-utility token poised to redefine the digital landscape.

XAILES FINANCE Announces Pre-Launch Yacht Extravaganza in Dubai and Main Launch Event in New York

The Dubai yacht party will be a convergence of minds, ideas, and visions. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to network with luminaries from various sectors, gaining insights into the future of digital finance and the revolutionary Xailes ecosystem. The event promises an unforgettable evening of elegance, innovation, and forward-thinking discussions, all aboard a magnificent yacht cruising along the Dubai coastline.


New York City, USA:


Following the Dubai event, Xailes Finance will make its grand entrance onto the global stage with its main launch event slated for the first week of January in the iconic Times Square, New York City. This event will mark the official unveiling of Xailes Finance to the world, showcasing its cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking initiatives in blockchain and AI.


About Xailes Finance Ecosystem


The Xailes ecosystem encompasses a range of innovative platforms:

  • Xailes (XWI Token): A pioneering multi-utility token leading the way in transactional speed and predictive analysis.
  • Xvitesse: A gateway to decentralized technologies, powered by the XWI token.
  • Xnavigateur: A next-gen web browser, integrating Web3 and AI for enhanced user experience.
  • Xéchanger: An Ethereum-based platform for seamless cross-chain swaps.
  • Xocean: A comprehensive platform for NFT enthusiasts, offering diverse opportunities from staking to fractional ownership.
  • Xfutur: A decentralized hub for web3 AI, fostering efficiency and accessibility.
  • Xferme: A staking platform offering rewarding avenues and a unique affiliate program.
  • Xruisseau: A web3 OTT platform for diverse and seamless entertainment experiences.
  • Xtendance: A reimagined social media platform built on a web3 foundation.
  • Xcréatif: A creative space for artists to explore and create in various digital mediums.
  • Xprédiction: A platform turning predictions into rewards with XWI tokens.
  • Xconférer: A blockchain-based communication platform fostering secure connections and collaborations.

The Xailes Finance ecosystem is poised to set a new standard in digital finance, bolstered by its robust tokenomics, including a total supply of 99,00,00,000 XWI tokens and innovative features like deflationary options and strategic minting cycles.


For more information on the Xailes Finance ecosystem and the upcoming events, please visit our website https://xailes.finance/.

Media Contact

Organization: Xailes Finance

Contact Person: Support Team Xailes Finance

Website: https://xailes.finance/

Email: info@xailes.finance

Contact Number: +1 (972) 338-9590

Address: 134 Franklin Avenue,

Address 2: Nutley, NJ 07110

State: New York

Country: United States

Release Id: 1311237665

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