Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 Unveils Remarkable Upgrades

United States, 7th Sep 2023, King NewsWireIn a groundbreaking development for the cryptocurrency community, Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 is proud to announce its latest version, Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4, packed with a host of innovative features aimed at revolutionizing the crypto wallet experience.

TurboSync: A Quantum Leap in Speed

One of the standout features of this release is TurboSync, a technological marvel that drastically reduces wallet load times. By optimizing the filter checking process, Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 now loads wallets a staggering 90% faster. This achievement is attributed to meticulous code cleanup and the introduction of “Turbosync.” With Turbosync, internal addresses that have already been used are prioritized, ensuring quicker loading.

Smooth Sailing in the Mempool

In the ever-accelerating world of cryptocurrency, every second counts. Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 recognizes this and introduces two vital enhancements for faster confirmation of incoming funds and transaction management. Child Pays For Parent (CPFP) enables rapid confirmation of incoming funds, while Replace By Fee (RBF) allows users to enhance confirmation priority or cancel payments effortlessly. It’s seamless, automatic, and ensures you don’t get stuck in the mempool.

Privacy Warnings and Spending Suggestions

User privacy is paramount, and Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 takes it seriously. The release introduces Privacy Warnings, providing one-click fixes if users attempt to construct transactions compromising their privacy. Notifications also guide users when consolidating over 10 UTXOs or spending unconfirmed funds, minimizing the risk of inadvertent errors.

More Privacy, Less Blockspace

For those seeking utmost privacy, Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 delivers. The amount decomposer has been refined to maximize block space efficiency, reducing the number of coinjoin rounds needed to achieve 100% privacy, especially for high anonymity score targets. Users can now create up to 10 outputs in a round, with fewer change outputs. Default settings have been adjusted to make privacy more accessible and efficient.

Introducing the Daemon

Experience Wasabi Wallet like never before with the introduction of the Daemon. Advanced users can interact directly with the wallet’s core features through an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) interface. This empowers developers to customize their experience and build unique features not available in the GUI version. The Daemon, named ‘wassabeed,’ enables running the wallet in the background, reducing resource consumption.

Penguins Love QR Codes

Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 extends its reach by introducing QR code scanning on Linux computers. Now, importing an address from a phone becomes more private, convenient, and efficient. This feature is available for Linux and Windows, with macOS compatibility on the horizon.

Database Migration to SQLite

Wasabi Wallet’s loading speed receives an extra boost by migrating to an SQLite database for storing filters, reducing disk space requirements by approximately 1 GB and enhancing resilience against file corruption.

Fighting Entropy

To ensure top-notch performance and security, Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 includes updates to various dependencies such as HWI, Tor, and Avalonia. The release also addresses bugs and polishes the user interface to deliver a seamless experience.

For more information about Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4 and to download the latest version, please visit www.wasabiwallet.eu

About Wasabi

Wallet Wasabi Wallet is a trailblazer in the realm of privacy-focused cryptocurrency wallets. With a steadfast commitment to user privacy, security, and innovation, Wasabi Wallet has earned a reputation as the go-to solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. Founded by a team of dedicated developers and cryptocurrency experts, Wasabi Wallet continues to redefine the possibilities in the world of digital assets.

Note to editors: WasabiWallet 2.0.4 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

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Wasabi Wallet 2.0.4’s commitment to advancing the cryptocurrency landscape is exemplified in this release. With groundbreaking features aimed at enhancing user experience, privacy, and security, it continues to set new standards in the industry.

Media Contact

Organization: Wasabi Wallet

Contact Person: Max Hallow

Website: https://www.wasabiwallet.eu

Email: max.hallow@wasabiwallet.eu

Address: 111 Dewey Ave Groton, New York(NY), 13073

Country: United States

Release Id: 0709236146

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