Codego Announces White-Label Banking Solution with License from NBB

Codego, an innovator in the financial technology sector, proudly presents its ingenious, all-in-one banking solution. This cutting-edge platform, licensed by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), amalgamates multiple banking services into a single system.

Codego is built for the modern era, offering a customizable experience and daily customer profile analysis. The project revolutionizes the financial landscape, delivering a powerful toolset to a diverse client base.

Multiple Features for a Diverse Client Community

Codego provides an array of banking solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs. It offers core banking, facilitating the development and offer of financial services. This fully customizable platform empowers automation in service checks and transaction monitoring. Codego’s system also performs daily analysis of customer profiles, updating risk ratings.

Card issuing is another prime feature of Codego. They offer prepaid, debit, and gift cards, catering to various spending habits and requirements. Each card type boasts unique advantages, making spending flexible and convenient for the end-user.

Codego extends virtual IBAN codes for the corporate sector, known as Corporate Vibans. These encompass multi-currency accounts, card issuing management, swift payments onboard, instant SEPA transfers, and a KYB/AML liveness tool.

Codego acts as a card processor, managing transactions and connecting all parties involved. This service simplifies the transaction process, reducing the need for multiple intermediaries. However, they do caution about the potential fees associated with payment processors.

Crypto debit cards are another innovative feature of Codego. These cards support over 500 coins and implement auto conversion at competitive market rates. Fiat deposits and withdrawals are also available.

POS terminals form a crucial part of Codego’s offerings. Their white-label POS terminal supports 180 currencies and uses an instant settlement system. These terminals are pre-certified card readers, saving customers months of developer and certification time.

Lastly, Codego offers expense cards that streamline business expenses. These cards come with customizable spending limits and categories, real-time expense tracking, and rewards or cashback on purchases. They also provide detailed spending reports and integrated expense management tools, simplifying the way business managers handle their companies.

With a National Bank of Belgium License to distribute electronic money services, Codego intends to revolutionize the banking sector. This white-label platform offers innovative tools and caters to diverse customers, from individuals to corporate entities.

A Growing User Base

Codego’s white-label core banking is a game changer. It’s shaking up the finance world. It’s not just about banking; it’s so much more. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

It adapts to its users’ needs and wants. Its features are customizable. This isn’t just about transactions. It’s about creating a unique financial journey. This platform has received a license from the National Bank of Belgium. It’s a trusted and certified banking solution.

Codego is not a typical banking platform; it aims at a diverse client base. This means it’s flexible and inclusive. In 2022, the team shared impressive stats. Codego recorded the activation of approximately 280,00, with payment transactions reaching a whopping $760 million. Moreover, the project’s founders mention that thirty-six corporate partners are already on board.

This isn’t just banking; it’s a revolution. Codego is transforming how people interact with banking through independent companies.

About Codego

Codego, with over 12 years of experience in programming, finance, cryptocurrencies, and authentication systems, has created a singular, innovative solution. The company has physical offices and holds necessary licenses in 12 countries, each independently owned and operated.

This conglomerate aims to provide a comprehensive financial service that pools the experience of financial services, platforms, and licensing. Today, Codego boasts over 35 redundant service providers, including card processors, issuer cards, banks, SEPA gateways, and more.

The NBB (National Bank of Belgium) license represents their commitment to delivering the most trusted and certified banking solution. The team intends to extend the 2022 impressive growth trend (over 280,000 card activations and $760 million in payment transactions). With 36 corporate partners already on board, Codego wants to revolutionize the banking sector with independent companies.

Financial flexibility and inclusion are at the core of Codego’s vision. Its white-label solutions offer businesses a unique customer experience. Anyone interested in learning more about Codego’s services can access their website to find out more. Moreover, as listed below, Codego’s social media pages provide engaging content and updates on this project.

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